Options Rollover Day


Futures Options have now rolled over from the December 2019 to March 2020 contract with a difference of +2.75 points from ESZ19 (December) to ESH20 (March).

All previous chart numbers have been adjusted to reflect the new contract pricing—so, for example, the Long Term stop/reverse line from the expiring December contract at 3033.00 now becomes 3035.75, and so forth.




My updated daily bar/range chart above shows the current broad market configuration–for comparison to the Stops and Targets analysis for S&P 500 Futures screen capture at the beginning of this post.

We got a big spike in the markets this morning on an as-yet unverified (as I type) rumor from the Wall Street Journal that President Trump has a deal in hand with the Chinese. (I am personally very skeptical on that rumor, but we’ll see)

It’s currently all good for bulls above the stop/reverse lines… but be be very careful here (in my opinion).  Market might be potentially volatile ahead due to a number of upcoming big news events that will hit between now and the end-of-year quadruple witching expiration, which is coming on December 20th (also the day the US Federal Government funding expires).

…my .02