Market Update

Today is Quadruple Witching Day where stock index futures, stock index options, stock options, and single stock futures ALL expire simultaneously.  For those who want to understand the phenomenon better, here is a good link from Investopedia:

The trading volume today could be epic!


There have been some rumblings that the financial markets might be closed or the hours shortened in the coming weeks under the auspices of the Coronavirus clampdown.

There have also been rumblings that any coming US government bailouts to corporations will NOT be extended to Chinese-owned/controlled US companies.  One wonders if the real reason for this Coronavirus scare doesn’t go quite a bit deeper–like maybe China deep.

Here is a partial list of Chinese-owned US Companies, and some of them might just surprise you…

*That list above only goes to 2013, so if anyone is interested then you will need to do some additional digging on your own to find out if you might be invested in companies acquired since then.

Also, many may remember that President Trump ordered ALL US companies to exit operations in China in late summer of 2019:

You can do with the above information whatever seems appropriate–but I am not personally looking to be an owner of any company controlled by and/or otherwise in bed with the Communist Chinese at this juncture.  Just FYI.


Oh, and in case you didn’t know…

One of four (so far) US Congress Critters who have been exposed for dumping their stocks immediately after a Senate briefing about Chinese Coronavirus implications (and whatever else is not yet being told to us) is Kelly Loeffler, a senator from Georgia (who was appointed in 2020 against Donald Trump’s recommendation).

Guess WHO she is married to?

This guy…

Jeffrey Sprecher is the CEO and chairman of the board of The Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)

He is also the chairman of The New York Stock Exchange

Remember when I said that the pros were driving this market down ON PURPOSE?   😉


You don’t typically shut down the entire world economy over a simple flu virus.  There could be something much more foreboding lurking under the surface–and it might be that all-out financial warfare has been declared on the US in a combined effort by the global socialists.  If that indeed proves to be the case, then I sure am glad we have Donald Trump as our wartime President.  That man knows how to turn the screws economically on the bad guys–and he makes all the right sort of enemies.


*That’s a new record short rant for me.  🙂

…my .02