Options Rollover Day

Futures Options have now rolled over from the September 2019 to December 2019 contract with a difference of +1.75 points from ESU19 (September) to ESZ19 (December).

All previous chart numbers have been adjusted to reflect the new contract pricing—so, for example, the Intermediate Term stop/reverse line from the expiring September contract at 2939.75 now becomes 2941.50, and so forth.




I have included my updated Daily Bar/Range chart above to provide a visual confirmation for what Stops and Targets is saying in the screenshot at the top of this post….

We are still riding the major parallel channel bottom bounce from August 6th (see the blue arrow on the chart above), and the S&P 500 Futures have just hit resistance at the top of the current Long-Term range envelope at 3016.

We will see what happens at this resistance touch here at 3016, which will initially trigger profit-taking from the black box algorithms, but all trends are up > the Short-Term Stop/Reverse Line, which is currently sitting at 2973.75.  A future move below that line, of course, would start to flip momentum bearish, with the Long-Term and Intermediate Stop/Reverse Lines sitting beneath at 2957.25 and 2941.50 respectively as downside targets once a pullback begins.

If bulls can power through profit-taking resistance at 3016, the next major target higher would be the all-time high at 3031.25

As always, there is a huge resting trove of buy-to-cover stops from bears, resting just above, waiting to be harvested.  Those stops represent guaranteed buyers for the pros on the other sides of their trades–until such time as those resting stops are actually owned by the pros.  We usually know precisely when the pros flip sides using Stops and Targets’ Top Spotters as our canary in the coal mine.  So far, we have not seen any indication of unusual Index, Futures, and Russell 3000 Spotter Signals.


<rant on/>

As much as the globalists would love to crash the market in an attempt to help their side in a continued all-out attack on the current administration, President Trump’s economic advisors have brilliantly trapped globalist ‘elites’ (laughing here) into a checkmate situation.  After all, the entire point of pushing so hard for global socialism is to concentrate immense wealth in the hands of a very tiny group of individuals.  As a result of clever maneuvering by Presidents Trump, using tariff policies, these folks are now locked into a lose-lose conundrum…

The source of their power is wealth.  If they crash the market, then they lose their wealth, which diminishes their power.  See how that works?  😎

Hey China… how’s that whole anti-American thing going these days for you?  Less money for China, primarily as a result of Trump’s crippling sanctions (which are completely out-of-reach from the filthy-dirty foreign operatives embedded in our government) means far less obscene piles of excess capital available to finance myriad global schemes to undermine the USA from any and every angle.  When the Chinese hard currency reserves eventually dry up, the Chinese people might just decide one day that they have had quite enough of their current ‘leaders’.  The entire Chinese economy will inevitably collapse once they are no longer able to wantonly steal from the USA.  As Margaret Thatcher famously said,  “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

This is an absolutely fascinating period in history, and Donald Trump could ultimately turn out to be one of the most consequential world leaders of all time!

The globalists won’t go down without a fight, however, and we have been witnessing them throw absolutely everything and everyone they have at this guy for the past 966 days trying to desperately stop him from dismantling their long-running Orwellian schemes of global destruction and subjugation (for all but themselves, of course).

Love him or hate him, anyone with an IQ above room temperature simply has to be impressed with President Tump’s tenacity and resiliency under constant and relentless fire.  This incredible man, and his top key advisors, don’t even accept a salary for their tireless work under such brutal conditions!  They are America First Patriots who simply can’t be bribed (like many in the pathetic US Congress, for example) and the globalists seem powerless to stop what is coming.

The teeny-tiny group of globalists are clearly in an all-out panic, and so we normal folks have to stay diligent in protecting ourselves from their reflexive spasms.

I think it is amazing (and hilarious) to watch the globalist operatives being one-by-one systematically exposed, only to self-immolate after being outed.  For example, The (Fake) News and Noise is and always has been pure propaganda.  Trump, adroitly, has forever exposed them and they will never again be able to influence as they once did.  President Trump clearly realizes that the media, along with corrupt politicians and judges, are the front-line foot soldiers of the enemy–and he is dealing with them accordingly, and effectively.  Once the front line pawns have been neutralized, then the slow wheels of justice can start reeling in the tiny group of actual instigators, who are currently quivering in fear behind the curtains.

I predicted that Donald Trump would be President immediately after his announced candidacy.  For fun, I am going to again predict a future political outcome, with just one caveat…  If rampant voter fraud can be contained, the upcoming 2020 election is going to be eerily similar in outcome to the 1980 one.  This is going to be a blowout of epic proportions.  If that happens, we are going to have some great years directly ahead of us during the second term of his Presidency.  The Reagan Era was great for nearly everyone… but the Trump Era, by contrast, is going to be simply amazing!  You’ll see.

I am certainly not saying there will not be some significant bumps in the road ahead, but once these vile globalist bastards are finally dealt with, it is going to be a much better world for all.

</rant off>


The Stops and Targets Stop/Reverse Lines will tell the tale going forward, and we are all good on the bullish side above the Short-Term line, which is currently at 2973.75

…my .02